Granby, May 12, 2020 - The Association of Quebec Micro-Distilleries (AMDQ) and the Association of Craft Distilleries of Quebec (ADAQ) announce they are joining forces for a better coherence of the Quebec craft spirits industry, giving birth to the UNION OF QUEBEC’S MICRODISTILLERIES (UQMD).

UNION : highlights the fact that two associations are joining forces and this is done in equal parts. The members of the two associations being separated only by the conditions that govern their various permits (artisanal permit and industrial permit), this union is compatible and pertinent under this only difference.

QUEBECOIS : focuses on local producers and insists on the notion of terroir.

MICRO : highlights the human scale of the companies.

DISTILLERIES : Passionate, creative and persevering, distillers have common goals to promote the growth of their industry, because ultimately, distillation is the commonplace for these craftsmen and craftswomen, regardless of the regulations behind it.

Quebec's spirits sector is the fastest growing sector of the SAQ, and artisanal producers, all licenses combined, are largely responsible for this.

Despite this historic growth, too many distillers are still struggling to make ends meet. On the one hand, the tax imposed by the SAQ on premises sales deprives craftsmen of significant funds that could otherwise be reinvested in their businesses. On the other hand, prohibition-era regulations are holding back the full development of this industry on the rise. We have to do more if we are to establish Quebec in a competitive position in the booming international markets of spirits.

The UQMD will be committed to the expansion of the entire spirits industry in Quebec and wishes to have all the necessary means to promote the creativity, pride and expertise of its members.

Jean-François Cloutier, president of the AMDQ and co-owner of the St. Laurent Distillery and Éric Lafrance, president of ADAQ and owner of Domaine Lafrance, declare that this announcement confirms the willingness of Quebec’s craft spirits industry to work together on unifying projects such as the certification of 100% Quebec spirits, the spirits route and the realization of an action plan for the spirits industry, to name only those.

Affiliated with the Food Processing Council of Quebec (CTAQ), the UQMD is the new association that now represents all of Quebec’s distillers. Its mission is to encourage the growth of a Quebec microdistillation industry, enhance the manufacture and trade of home-made distilled products, including alcohol and liquors, and ensure the adequate promotion of these spirits in Quebec, Canada and the rest of the world.





Annick Van Campenhout, secretary of the UQMD

450-349-1521 x211, annickvancampenhout@conseiltaq.com

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